Whole Foods Recipe for Super Healthy Pancakes

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I have a weak spot for pancakes. I think it goes back to childhood. Growing up, my parents both hated going to places like The Original Pancake House or Denny’s (which is where I think I served the absolute best pancakes!) In fact, I felt deprived that we couldn’t go on fun restaurants like. Fortunately, I had a grandmother who shared my passion for pancakes and fun food, so as a special treat she took me to The Original Pancake House so I could order the famous pancake face (with whipped cream for hair, chocolate chips for eyes and mouth and maraschino cherry nose – anyone remember eating it?)

Still, pancakes and I go way back. But these days, I can’t get rid of eating the pancake surface from my childhood days. All adults, now I eat whole food girls for big girls – made with anti-inflammatory superfoods like chia seeds or flax seeds. I won’t lie and say my pancakes would win a taste test over the Original Pancake House pancake surface. But I can tell you that my tastes pretty darn good and they are jams packed with nutrients. They are also an easy recipe for whole foods that anyone can make.

This particular pancake recipe is adapted from the one in my Gold Coast Cures Fitter, Firmer, faster program book that required flax seeds. I ran out of flax seeds, so I replaced a new superfood that I just recently discovered — the Aztec miracle seed called Mila (distributed by Lifemax). Mila is really chia seeds grown under specially optimized conditions and then cut or sliced ​​for superior absorption and bioavailability (Note: just like with flax seeds, the nutrients in chia seeds pass right through you if you eat the seeds completely. Mila is Already ground or sliced ​​so it’s super easy to absorb, but if you buy whole chia seeds, just make sure to grind them yourself using a coffee grinder.) Chia seeds are considered a superfood because they are a fabulous source of anti-inflammatory omega-3s. essential fats, antioxidants, phytochemicals, fiber, protein and nutrients. They are also very heat stable, good to add to many baked good recipes, and they have a very pleasant, ever so slightly nutty flavor. If you can’t find chia seeds, then replaced flax seeds (I recommend the Barleans brand FortiFlax.) Here’s the recipe!

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