What an Indian mother never told about the quick and healthy morning recipes


One of the biggest struggles mothers have with children is getting them to eat healthy. This is not a story about a single mother, but almost all mothers. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is the perfect way to say good morning to our body. Breakfast is important for the kids, but what they eat in the morning is more crucial. It is very important to choose a healthy Indian breakfast rich in fiber, calcium and other nutrients. Serve your children with fruit, green vegetables and milk every morning.

A couple of mothers shared their tricks for getting their kids to eat healthy Indian breakfast. Let’s discuss their tricks and answers on what works for them. Get inspired by these tricks and try them out for your kids.

• Make it interesting: Getting kids to eat green vegetables is the biggest challenge. Try Paranthas filled with eggs, methi, paneer and spinach or you can try dals with greens in them. If your kids don’t like vegetables, try Chinese-style rice with some mixed vegetables, sandwiches filled with vegetables and mayonnaise, or try egg sandwiches. These are some ways you can get your family to eat healthy, yet tasty food. You can also talk to your children regularly about the many benefits of having healthy food.

• Begin early: Feed healthy foods like baigan bartha, palak paneer, karela, gajar ka halwa, etc. to your child from an early age for its good health. If you try to start it at a young age, they develop a taste for the vegetables. Try healthy Indian breakfast recipes like moong dal cheela, rava idli, half egg scramble with toast etc. Moong dal cheela filled with Paneer is one of the nutritious and delightful North Indian breakfast recipes that both children and adults like.

• Spice it: Try spices in normal salads, pranthas and vegetables. Make salads in the form of chaat by adding tomatoes, onions, peppers, spices and lemon juice just like bhelpuri. Mix cracked vegetables and spices in stuffed paranthas.

• Mix-and-match: Make dals in routine with a mix-and-match approach, such as mooli dal, lauki dal, karela dal and tomato dal. Adding another vegetable weekday saves the regular valley from becoming dull, and also the valley gets a unique flavor with each veggie added to it.

• Add wisely: If your kids love spring rolls, load them with some green vegetables. This way, they get the nutrition they need.

• Involve your children in the kitchen: Try to involve your children in the kitchen as this way; they would love to have food with a sense of ownership. Teach them about the health benefits of each ingredient you use in dishes. This will help them feel responsible for their own health. Use carrots, carrots, pumpkin and pumpkin puree in curry and subzis to include the necessary nutrients in their diet.