Tried-and-true Back to school grounds for mothers


If I say the word “school” around my house right now, my kids tell me to stop cursing. Apparently this is a bad word to use in their summer vacation! Regardless of their refusal to speak the word aloud, it is still a topic (pun intended) that is on my mind, and as a somewhat responsible mother, it is my duty to be prepared for them to return to their place of education. Heh heh. So what are the best ways to get organized for a new school year? Here is my proven back to school foundation for moms.

Choose quality equipment.

There are a plethora of amazing lunch bags, backpacks and food containers available in the market today – I know this because I just bought two new and super cool lunch bags for my kids. Look for machine washable bags to save you money in the long run and containers that are dishwasher safe and stackable to maintain your health.

Make care packages.

(Your kids can help you with this.) Stuff a bag of a few essentials that each child can pop into their backpack. Your nursery school might want to add some good luck, a photo of mom and dad and a pack of tissues, while your teen may need a small hairbrush, lip balm and extra hair band.

Plan your days.

Use the organizational tools that work for each family member. Place a family organizer with large squares for stickers and notes in a central area and give your teens a student made specifically for their growing needs.

Use checklists.

Back to school can be hectic if you are not organized, but a few minutes of planning can make the transition smooth and easy. Use handy checklists to take care of doses ahead of time, and then sit down with your children to discuss and plan their school day routine so you can start the year on the right foot.

Master snacks and lunch time.

Healthy snacks and meals are important for busy and growing children. Save time, add variety, and have lunch that your kids eat by getting them to help you pack healthy school lunches. Use a school schedule for lunch and add nutritious snacks to the after school to make feeding bottomless kids a breeze.

Communicate with your family.

Create a family command station, a small, central area dedicated to keeping communication lines open. This place should include the family calendar along with a bulletin board nearby for permit notes, lunch money and more.

Create a flow chart or checklist for the school morning.

Check out your children’s help creating it to secure their buy-in. Add one or two fun items to their regular routine to remove the mouth unit from it; Get dressed. Hug dad. Have breakfast. Pet cat. Brush teeth. Get your backpack ready.

Now that you’ve covered the basics, focus on enjoying the rest of your summer!