Top 5 Immunity Boosting Foods For Kids | Immune-enhancing foods in Hindi

Developing immunity is a big and interesting topic. Many people want to know about tips for boosting immunity, foods that stimulate immunity, especially when it comes to their children, because when our children get sick after a few weeks, we feel like the urgent need for a hack with immunity-boosting effect, which is not is at all possible. One has to understand the fact that the immunity of any person or child cannot be developed in a day or two. It is a long time process that requires constant effort.

However, this effort becomes very fruitful and easy when we have so many things to eat, which can improve the immunity of children. So in this video, I have provided some foods that are readily available in our homes and full of powerful nutrients.

In this video I have given:

1. Top 5 foods that increase immunity for children.
2. The role of curd in the development of the immune system.
3. The role of vitamin C-rich foods in the development of the immune system.
4. How many dry fruits should a child eat to develop immunity?
5. The role of dry fruits to strengthen the immune system.
6. How turmeric can strengthen the immune system?
7. Is it important to give eggs to your child to strengthen the immune system?

The topic of this video included is:

1. Curd
2. Vitamin C rich foods
3. Dry fruit
4. Turmeric
5. Eggs

So make sure you give all these important foods to your children every day so that their immunity can reach the next level.

Thank you.

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