Tips on how to keep your gums healthy


Most people spend a lot of time and effort brushing and expressing teeth regularly to make sure their pearly whites are always clean and to ensure their health and good condition. These good oral habits can really help maintain and improve the quality and health of your teeth, but what about your gums?

Many people tend to forget that their gums are as important as their teeth. And you should practice different oral care habits that can also ensure your gums’ health and good quality.

What are some tips you need to follow to keep your gums healthy? Below are some of these:

Rinse with antiseptic and non-alcoholic mouthwash. After brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash. Using antibacterial and / or anti-plaque mouthwash helps flush away any bacteria that is loose, and reduces any harmful bacteria that can eventually cause plaque that can form and lead to gum disease. Choose a mouthwash that is non-alcoholic, as alcohol can dry out your mouth and make it difficult for the bacteria to be flushed away.

Stop smoking. Tobacco use is one of the most important factors that cause the development and development of periodontal disease. The majority of people who have recurrent periodontal disease are smokers. Smoking is also associated with complications after oral surgery. As such, if you are a smoker, kick this unhealthy and destructive habit as early as possible.

Limit your alcohol intake. Studies show that alcohol can irritate your gums, tongue and other oral tissues. Alcohol can also contribute to poor healing after surgery and can ruin your oral hygiene routine. Various researchers have also found that heavy drinkers often suffer from tooth decay as a result of the increased exposure to sugars and acids often found in alcoholic beverages. Drinking wine occasionally can be good for your health. But as always, drink in moderation.

Increase your consumption of dairy products. Milk and other dairy products, such as cheese and yogurt, are packed with bone-strengthening calcium and with the protein casein – a natural substance, research shows, can reduce the acidity of the mouth. Drinking milk can also neutralize acids produced by plaque bacteria and thus help ensure periodontal health.

Eat raw onions. In the end, raw onion is a powerful food that fights bacteria. Onions have an organic antimicrobial ingredient that can kill bacteria in the mouth. According to a study, raw onions also completely eradicate four types of bacterial strains that can lead to gum disease and cavities. As such, say or cut raw onions into slits and toss the strips in your salad, on your sandwich or in soups and stews. To get rid of bad breath, rinse with mouthwash or chew on sugar-free chewing gum after consuming some raw onions.

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