There is no such thing as a healthy snack


“According to data from the continuing studies on food intake by individuals conducted by the US Department of Agriculture, 90% of Americans’ increased calorie consumption since 1977 has come from increased inter-meal eating. Calories consumed at meals have remained the same.” – Reinhard Engels

If you were to look for a single factor that has led to the explosion of fat around the world, you may not have to look any further than the statistics from above. According to this source, 90% of the increased calorie consumption in the last 30 years (roughly the same period of the dramatic increase in obesity) has come from increased eating between meals. In other words, the most significant behavior that seems to have caused fatness is snacking.

Snacking is a very new phenomenon and boy is it making people fat. People often say that the cause of obesity is an over-abundance of food or an over-abundance of sugar in these foods. But generations before us had the same or very similar conditions – and they didn’t get fat. However, the big difference between generations is snacking.

There is no such thing as a “healthy” snack

Now let me point this out. Snacking is a creepy behavior unless, of course, you are an animal designed to graze. A cow would be an example. But humans are not cows. We are not grazers. We are intermittent eating. We have to eat one meal and then stop until our next meal. This is how we are designed.

Over the last 30 years we have been fooled out of this natural rhythm due to the emergence of “healthy” snacks. We should eat snacks, the food industry says, because they are good for us and will make us healthy.

What a complete and utter nonsense.

First, in nature, there is no such thing as “healthy” food. There is either food that you can eat or there is food you can eat. We learn very quickly what is which and any food you can eat is good. The term “healthy” food is simply a marketing gimmick that has no bearing at all.

We live in a time of manufactured non-food. Manufacturers of these non-foods have played a trick for us and have made these non-foods very appealing. They fill them with specific additives and chemicals that hit pleasure centers in our brains, explaining the fact that they are not food at all, and make us want to run back for more.

But they are not food at all, and labeling them “healthy” is just a trick to get us to eat them. And it works.

Not only is there something like a “healthy” food in nature, there is no such thing as a “snack” either. The food must be gathered, chased, cooked, cooked and then eaten at last. This process takes time and effort. Snacking doesn’t even come into the equation. It is unheard of and so much so that the word for snacking in France is “le snacking”.

It is only in the last 30 years that snacking has been introduced. It is true that the world has an abundance of food, so what is the easiest way to get people to eat it? Make between eating a modern thing to do. How do you make it eat fashionably? Call it healthy. The result? Much more consumption.


BUT, there is no such thing as a healthy snack. Don’t think it’s good for you to eat vegetables, fruits, nuts or “healthy” bars in between meals. It is not. It’s evil at the highest level, no matter what you eat. If you are a baby, then it is forgivable, but other than that, it is just a first-class ticket to Fatland.

Don’t be silly. Don’t eat between meals. If you do, you will be tricked into doing so. As the saying goes: “fool me, shame me once, you twice fool me”. Cut the snacking habit and return to eating like a real human.