The HEALTHY snack foods in the grocery store – Chips, Popcorn and more

It’s not about giving up snack when you’re on a healthy diet, it’s about choosing the right snacks in the store. This means looking for chips and popcorn that are cooked in hearty oils without added sugar, preservatives and additives. Popcorn has to be non-GMO, and organic it’s even better, but have you looked at the type of oil they pop it in? Here are my top choices for bagged popcorn, potato chips, salsa and tortilla chips. Most of all potato chips are fried in low quality oil that is highly processed and refined, but if you look hard you can find some real gems cooked in avocado oil. Tell me if you want to see more snacks from hacks? Wild love. Bobby, Dessi, Rose and art! XOXO

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