Recovery rate is record high, 11,264 cured in 24 hours, Health News, ET HealthWorld


NEW DELHI: The number of enable Covid-19 cases fell marginally Saturday compared to the previous day due to a large number of recovered patients, even as the country recorded a record one-day increase of 265 deaths and 7,964 new cases.

On Saturday, the Department of Health reported 86,422 active Covid-19 cases or patients currently undergoing medical treatment a decline of 0.4% from 89,987 patients on Friday.

There was a significant increase in recovered cases in Maharashtra and the overall trend needs to be monitored for a few more days to see if a pattern emerges.

Meanwhile, the doubling of coronavirus cases also improved to 15.4 days over the last three days from 13.3 days registered in the last 14 days.

A total of 1,73,763 cases were registered until Saturday, while the death rate of Covid-19 increased to 4,971.

Over the past 24 hours, a total of 11,264 Covid-19 patients have been cured. This is the highest number of recovered patients registered on a day when there was a recovery rate of 47.40% among Covid-19 patients, an increase of 4.51% in the recovery rate from the previous day’s recovery rate of 42.89% .

In the meantime, Ministry of health reiterated that all precautions must be taken while we “live with the new normal” of Covid-19, while Interior Ministry issued a new order with a wealth of relaxations and allows for interstate and intra-state movement goods and persons without any restrictions.

It is imperative that all physical distance guidelines are followed in public places and workplaces, hand hygiene including frequent hand washing and respiratory hygiene is maintained, mask or face covers are used in public places and coughs and respiratory labels are followed, the Ministry of Health said.

“It is emphasized that the management of Covid-19 is possible only when all the careful care is taken by everyone without being complacent about the situation and by not taking the relaxations under the closure situation for granted,” the ministry emphasized.


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