Quick്ടികൾക്കായി 4 Quick & Easy Kids Snacks Recipes | Healthy snacks for children

Authentic Kerala Recipes

4 Quick & Easy Snacks Recipe for Tiff-in-Box for Kids | Lunch box ideas for kids.

Here are 4 healthy snack recipes for kids potato fingers, banana pancakes, carrot eggs and banana roasts.
Potato fingers are one of the best choices for your little ones. It can be cooked within minutes and also these crispy potato fruits not only for children but can also serve for adults. We can also make several variations of cooked potato snack such as cutlet, chips or roll. But among these potato fingers has a very unique taste and taste.
Banana pancakes are made with healthy nutritional protein powder (amritham mixture). They are sugar free, so the perfect choice for toddlers and older children
Carrot eggs are an excellent choice for children, whether breakfast or lunch. Carrots that have a lot of beta-keratin, which is excellent for eye development for children.
Banana roast is always children’s favorite snack and it’s too easy to make.


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