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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday confirmed that there would be a fourth phase of the shutdown, but said the contours would be very different from the rules that shaped the three national lockdowns since March 25, with the last scheduled ending May 17.

Lockdown 4.0 will be completely different and have new rules. I am confident that as we fight the virus by following the rules, we will move forward, ”Modi said, adding the new rules based on proposals from the chief ministers would be announced by May 18.

The remark was seen as an indication that the new anti-coronavirus protocol allows a faster exit from the shutdown to facilitate resumption of economic activity and normality.

The Council of Ministers said ways had to be devised to ensure that the virus did not set India back. “Experts and scientists agree that the virus will be a part of our lives for a long time to come. But we cannot be held hostage to it. We wear masks and follow the two gardens distancing norm, but will not abandon the pursuit of our goals, ”he said.
Lockdown 4.0 in new form with new rules: PMExit from lock can come with one containment strategy

Modi’s reference suggests that exit from the lock comes with a containment strategy that seeks to identify, contain and prevent hotspots. The experiments that companies are allowed to open with reduced staff strength and social distance appear to have yielded encouraging results and more relaxations will follow.

The country has already seen the first steps to restore mass transport, and the possibility of metro and air traffic opening soon is very likely. The Interior Ministry guidelines are expected to allow more services to function, and these will almost certainly include expanded delivery of non-essential requirements from e-commerce companies.

Modi’s comments are also seen in light of his message to the prime ministers on Monday that a gradual opening of the economy continues to work with a strong containment effort. On Tuesday, he said, life could not be held hostage to coronavirus and that there was a need to work towards goals while being cautious.


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