Low immunity in children | Symptoms, causes and treatment

As adults, we have always taken our immunity for granted. How many times have we gone to a doctor to get rid of a cold or flu? Do we even stop to think, why do we get such a cold? Almost never. Everything we eat or eat is directly linked to our immunity. As parents, we should also be careful about choosing which foods our children should eat.
Watch this video to find out how eating habits can affect your child’s low immunity issues in the latest episode of #GoodHealthAndHomeopathy by Dr. Mukesh Batra, Padma Shri recipient (homeopathy) and founder – Dr. Batra’s. You can also visit https://www.drbatras.com/precious-tips-help-your-child-have-better-immunity

If your child has had an irregular eating disorder, do not assume that he will eventually change it on his own. This can cause the protective shield, their immunity, to become weak and make them susceptible to disease.

It is true that some children get sick more often than others. Why do you think this is happening? The answer lies in their immunity levels. Our immune system is our body’s defense against harmful organisms and substances that cause disease. Children with low immunity are more prone to infections, while those with higher immunity rarely get sick.

Although there are antibiotics that can provide quick relief, they can be very harmful in the long run as they can reduce the body’s own ability to fight infection. Homeopathy strengthens the body’s defense systems and addresses the problem from the root.

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