Increase your immunity with natural foods | Telugu Health Tips | Heart Rate Balancing | Dr. L Umaa Venkatesh

In this video, Dr. explained L. Umaa Venkatesh clearly on how to increase your # immunity with natural # foods in Telugu

Increase your immunity with natural foods | Telugu Health Tips | Heart Rate Balancing | Dr. L Umaa Venkatesh


రోగ నిరోధక శక్తిని పెంచే సులువైన చిట్కాలు

రోగ నిరోధక శక్తిని పెంచే అద్భుత నేచురల్ చిట్కాలు

Pulse balancing is the natural process of dealing with the 5 elements of nature and their energy flowing into our body. Energy flows from the universe to our body, and imbalance in these energy levels causes the # diseases. Energy that is neither created nor destroyed, construction and destruction cycles in the human body, is explained in #pulsebalancing by Dr. Uma Venkatesh in #Telugu.

In the human body and nature, all #five elements have informed about a cycle. All elements are formed in the form of a chain. # Pulse balancing can balance the energy elements in our body and maintain a healthy life.

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