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Food and Diet Chart زیادہ پھل اور سبزیاں پیش کریں
This should always be under your scanner! If not, the overall purpose of eating would be lost. To make sure you only give children the best. Also, make it a point to include proteins, vitamins and other important elements that increase children’s immunity. It would be even better if you were able to draw a boundary between junk and healthy food and communicate the same to the kids. In other words, the more healthy foods you choose, the better your child will be.
Paving the way for foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, dietary fiber will be an ideal diet card for growing children. If you choose cow’s milk, skimmed milk, green vegetables and fruits, your children will not only make your children strong and immune, but also healthy in every way. Also, make sure you provide a three-hour gap between meals, this will help with digestion and better blood circulation.

2. Rest and recreation
Get a balance between rest and recreation. Growing children will always like to play and stay active. Make sure they get enough rest. Sleeping for eight hours is the best way to increase immunity levels in children, not only that it greatly increases immunity levels. This is because when the body gets enough rest, it automatically gets the capacity to fight disease causing germs and bacteria. Then it makes a point to communicate to your children that ‘all work and play makes Jack a boring boy.
On the other hand, if you are looking to increase your children’s immunity levels, you should also consider physical activities that will help them gain the stamina and energy needed. Physical activities go a long way in helping children achieve their dreams as well as aspirations.

3. Clean and hygienic environment and children’s health care
This plays an important role in influencing your child’s immunity levels. The hygiene environment not only promotes better living, but also helps your children have a disease-free life. If the environment is not safe, bacteria-causing diseases often tend to multiply and affect your children’s immunity levels. To make sure your home, the residential area is spicist and spans the maximum. You also need to be aware of their hygiene before and after each meal and after playing outside, handling pets, blowing their noses, using the bathroom, etc.
When out, carry disposable wipes with you for quick cleanups. To help children get into the wash basin at home, let them choose their own brightly colored towels and soaps in fun shapes, colors and scents. This will help them to follow hygienic procedures without any problems.

4. Stop pressing them
While this sounds like something obvious, it is unfortunately something that parents today neglect. Make sure your child feels loved and help them cope with the stress and anxiety caused by their unplanned daily life. This will help them to benefit in physical and psychological ways. If they feel better, chances are their immune system will respond better.
Stress is one of the most important factors contributing to the downfall of the immune system, so don’t overlook it as something unimportant for children. Indeed, studies have shown that laughter and health have a positive correlation; the more you laugh, the better his health will be. #boost immunity
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