Healthy snacks for your children


One of the challenges for parents, especially mothers, these days is to offer healthy snacks to their children when they go to school. Some people either don’t have time to shop for healthy ingredients and cook, while others just don’t know which snacks fall into the ‘healthy’ category.

Giving your child money and letting him decide which snack to get at school is not a very good idea. A child is generally drawn to sweet things and that is what he would probably buy with his money. Nor is it a better idea to drive through a fast-food restaurant to buy his snacks before dropping him off at school. You just need to fill his body with unhealthy ingredients.

There are good snacks that you can prepare that will not be harmful to your child and do not take hours to prepare. Here are some of them:

Peach popper – Kids (of all ages) love the literally cool pops. Instead of giving your child one that is laced with preservatives, why not make your own? You can use peach (or any of your child’s favorite fruit for that matter) to make a peach puree and get it frozen.

Vandmelonsaus – If your child loves tortilla chips (who doesn’t?), Instead of making tomato salsa, make it more exciting by replacing it with watermelon. This is especially ideal on hot days.

Choose the pickles – Certainly, you can get canned pickles from the grocery store. But there is just nothing better than something made in your own home. Your own loving touch adds something more to the food that no grocery store can provide. Pickles can be cooked on a jiffy, plus they can stay in your fridge for up to 10 days.

Biscotti polenta – These crispy golden slices can be a nice contrast when paired with fruit or a hot drink (like tea). The name of this snack may sound daunting, but you really don’t have to be an expert baker to make them. You only need a few basic ingredients and some kitchen magic.

Cornish cakes – This snack is well known and popular throughout the UK. It is excellent for your child’s lunch or snack box. You can even have it as a main course by serving it with fresh vegetables.

Yogurt smoothie with banana– Nothing beats fresh fruit as a healthy snack choice. And if you combine fruit like banana with dairy, you have a mini meal that is both filling and good for health.

These are some snack ideas that you can prepare for your child without compromising his health. This can give you the peace of mind that he only consumes the good stuff every time he is in school.