Healthy snack recipe – substitute Cheerios for popcorn


A healthy snack recipe can come in handy when you want to satisfy your hunger right away. Do your taste buds delight in a bowl of hot buttered popcorn? The more you think about it, the more your taste buds demand satisfaction. You pick up a large-sized cereal bowl as you pass the dishwasher on your way to the pantry to get a bag of popcorn. You hold through each shelf to no avail. Oh Poo! You may remember now that you forgot to add popcorn to your last week’s grocery list. That is it! Your taste buds might as well settle down until your next shopping day at the grocery store.

Wait! Not to worry. Don’t you know that there is a substitute for almost everything? You look around the kitchen and try to find it something you could use instead of popcorn. You spy a box of Cheerios on the top shelf of the pantry. Hmmm … why not try something new? Maybe a bowl of Cheerios toasted to a golden brown? It’s just a simple procedure with this healthy snack recipe. Here’s how you do it:

Grab a large frying pan, preferably a frying pan, and place it on a burner of the oven. Turn heat to medium. Drop half a stick of butter into the pan. Use more butter if you like a good buttery taste. Melt the butter completely. Pour about two cups of Cheerios into the melted butter. Use more Cheerios if the pot holds them. Stir to coat Cheerios with butter, then stir frequently until Cheerios is toasted to a light brown. Watch them. They burn fast. You may need to adjust the oven heat to a lower temperature as you turn.

When roasted evenly everywhere, the toasted O’s are poured into a serving bowl. Sprinkle with your favorite spices if desired. Salt and pepper, a few sprinkles of cayenne pepper or parmesan cheese are a few of the different spices that are good. Onions or garlic powder can also be used. Stir the spices well through the Cheerios so that they are evenly distributed. Take the bowl of warm O’er to your favorite chair in the cave and sit down, dust your feet up and relax. Watch your favorite movie while crunching on a bowl of almost popcorn. Betcha can’t eat just a handful of this healthy snack recipe for replacement popcorn!