Healthy chicken recipes – 4 tips for great, tasty food


As we head into the beginning of a new year, many people will have decided to lose weight, and with this in mind, I will give you some tips for making healthy chicken recipes that will flood your taste buds with a great taste, but also help as part of a calorie controlled diet.

But first of all, here are a few fun facts you may not know about the chicken.

There are more chickens on earth than there are humans

A chicken bred with a turkey is called a “turkey” that has the head of a turkey and the body of a chicken.

The United States has 4 cities with the word “chicken” in them: Chicken Town, Pennsylvania, Chicken Bristle, Kentucky, Chicken Alaska and Chicken Bristle Illinois.

The largest amount of egg yolks ever found in a single chicken egg is 9.

At least enough of that and on to some tips for creating healthy chicken recipes. Chicken is a very popular meat to cook because its subtle taste adapts well to many different dishes and methods of cooking. It is also high in protein and has less fat than red meat. That being said, however, many Americans buy boneless, skinned chicken breast and cooked incorrectly, these may soon end up dry and hard like old boots, leading me into my first tip.

1. When it comes to basic cooking, there are two different methods: dry heat and moist heat. Dry heat includes baking, roasting, frying and grilling, and moist heat includes creeping, steaming, microwave and slow cooking. When using dry heat for chicken breast, use a high heat and cook for a few minutes. Grilled chicken is cooked at approx. 8-10 minutes. When you use moist heat to prepare chicken breasts, it will take longer, but only approx. 15 minutes (depending on the thickness of the breasts).

2. Chicken crockpot recipes are always popular, especially with working mothers, and nothing beats the scent of slow-cooked chicken as you come through the door. To make these recipes both healthy and tasty I would recommend you use chicken thighs. So many people overlook chicken thighs and choose breast, but the thighs are much more flavorful and incredibly cheap. Remove all the skin and brown them everywhere in a pan before removing them with a slotted spoon and adding them to your favorite crockpot recipe. Fortunately, they cook in a crockpot and retain both moisture and flavor. Try adding some fruits like dried apricot or prunes as these work really well with chicken and help bulk out the dish.

3. Try to get plenty of flavor in your chicken, whether it be breasts or thighs, by marinating for several hours before cooking. A sweet and sour marinade consisting of honey, soy sauce, olive oil and chill works well and if you pour all the contents into your pan to cook the chicken, you end up with delicious, tasty, sticky chicken that works really well with stir fried vegetables or a green salad.

4. Shaking and baking chicken is another great way to pep up the humble chicken and keep the fat content low. You can make your own spice with a basic crumb mix and what you add to this is entirely up to you, but some great combinations include lemon peel and cracked black pepper, crumbled parmesan cheese or even some curry powder for a taste of India. Chicken, oven baked this way, retains the moisture inside while being nice and crunchy on the outside and is always a winner with the kids.

Use these tips and don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with marinades and spices. When it comes to healthy chicken recipes, the only limit is your imagination.