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Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan

New Delhi: We do not expect the worst kind of situation in India like other developed countries that are severely affected Covid19 crisis, but still we have prepared the whole country for the worst possible scenario, said the Union Minister of Health Very Vardhan on Saturday.

Vardhan, while interacting with health ministers and high-ranking officials in northeastern states, through video conferencing, on mitigation efforts to tackle the Covid-19 crisis said mortality in the country remains about 3.3 percent and the recovery on coronavirus patients have risen to 29.9 percent and there are very good indicators.

“The doubling rate of cases in the last three days has been about 11 days. In the last seven days the doubling rate has been 9.9. And for the last 14 days it is 10.7 today … we do not expect it worst kind of situation in India like other developed countries, but still we have prepared the whole country for the worst situation, ”said Vardhan.

The comments from the Minister of Health have come to the heel in a statement from the press release of Low Agarwal, Joint Secretary Ministry of health, says citizens need to learn how to live with coronavirus. “When we talk about relaxation by shutting down, we have to tackle the challenge of learning to live with the virus, because this is what we need to make the required prevention measures a part of our lives through a behavior change process,” Agarwal said on Friday.

Vardhan added that 843 hospitals are currently exclusively dedicated to Covid-19 patient care, which has about 1,65,991 beds. “Across the country, there are 1, 991 dedicated COVID-19 health centers that have 1,35,643 beds. They include insulation as well as ICU beds,” I added.

Vardhan also cited that there are 7, 645 quarantine centers across the country. “We have distributed 69 lakhs of N-95 masks to various state governments. A total of 32.76 Lakhs PPEs have been distributed to state governments by the center,” Vardhan said.

The Ministry of Health had emphasized that when migrant workers return to their home states, it is important that all guidelines and precautions regarding infection prevention and management are followed.


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