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NEW DELHI: Helped by timely locking, early detection and effective handling of cases, India has registered one Covid-19-mortality at 2.87%, which is among the lowest in the world, the government said Tuesday.

From 3.38% in April, the mortality rate in the country has dropped to 2.87%, even as the global average is 6.4%, Ministry of health said with reference to the WHO’s latest situation report on Covid-19.

The death rate due to Covid-19 increased to 4,167, and the number of cases increased to 1, 45,380 in the country, registering an increase of 146 deaths and 6,535 cases in a 24-hour period until Tuesday 08:00.

Joint Secretary to the Ministry of Health, Low Agarwal said the country’s graded response to Covid-19 and timely identification of cases along with their clinical treatment played an important role in keeping death rates low.

“We had begun screening passengers and activated our health care workers, even 13 days before the WHO declared it a public health situation of international concern. If cases are discovered on time, they will not be serious, and to the extent the death rate will automatically be low,” he said.

However, ICMR DG Balram Bhargava said, “Surprisingly, we have found a low mortality rate in India, which is a very good thing. BCG and tuberculosis, but these are all hypotheses, and we cannot say anything clear about any factor. As long as mortality is low, that’s a good thing, and I hope it continues, “he said.

The data shows that France has a mortality rate of 19.9 percent, followed by Belgium at 16.3, Italy at 14.3, the UK at 14.2, Spain 12.2, Sweden 11.9, Canada 7.6, Brazil 6 , 3, US at 6.0, China 5.5, and Germany at 4.6 per. cent.

India has 0.3 deaths per year. Lakh population against the 4.5 deaths globally, which is among the lowest in the world. This has been because of the closure, timely identification and handling of Covid-19 cases, Aggarwal said.

WHO data shows that Belgium has 81.2 deaths per year. Lakh population while Spain has 61.5 deaths per year. Population and the UK have reported 55.3 deaths per year. Lakh population.

Aggarwal also said that while Belgium has reported 800.72 deaths per year. Million, Spain, Italy, UK, France, USA and Russia have reported 614.95, 542.24, 541.98, 434.59, 295.22 and 24.96 deaths respectively. Million.

“India has only reported 3.08 deaths per million. Besides, the trajectory is relatively flat, there is no increase in the curve,” said Aggarwal, who shows a graph to present a global perspective: death per year. Million population (as per European CDC update of situation dated May 25).

India’s recovery rate has also improved from 7.1% in March as the shutdown was initiated to 11.42% in the second phase and 26.59% in the third phase to 41.61% now.


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