Delicious mayonnaise snacks


Mayonnaise is such a versatile spice that tastes good and works with many types of foods. Mayonnaise consists mainly of eggs and has a thick texture that works for everyone.

  • Coleslaw is the most famous side dish and snack that contains mayonnaise. The dish consists of cabbage and carrots shredded to make thin pieces. What makes this dish delicious is how the mayonnaise complements the vegetables without giving the dish an overpowering flavor.

  • Chicken and tuna mayo is a sandwich that, believe it or not, is not completely unhealthy. Instead of having spices that contain many unhealthy preservatives, you have mayonnaise that does not contain as many flavors and added ingredients.

  • Devilled Eggs taste amazing if you are someone who has the taste buds for this snack. The eggs are cooked until hard. Then cut in half and have the egg yolk removed and placed in a bowl. Mayonnaise and curry powder are then added to the egg yolk and mixed together until smooth. Using a tube tool, you can fill the egg whites and add the peppers as a garnish.

  • Egg sandwiches are great for people who don’t like eating meat. This is such an easy snack that kids can cook it (assuming an adult supervises). For the egg yolk, first cook the egg as if you were making scrambled eggs. When cool, add the mayonnaise and mix well, then add it to the toasted bread. Toasted bread is more stable and does not absorb liquids as quickly.

  • You can also use mayonnaise to complement the snack you brought to work. To spice it up a bit and give yourself extra flavor, why not add a little curry powder to it? You can then dip your favorite (or least favorite) snack into the sauce. If you do not enjoy curry powder, other possible spices or ingredients you can add to your dip would be paprika, chili slices, cucumber, melted cheese (which requires a little more preparation) or your favorite paprika. If you use spices a lot, you can get them in bulk from one cash and transports wholesaler.

  • Other traditional side dishes and snacks also include mayonnaise. Some people make pasta salad that gives them their daily carbohydrate intake. To do this, first cook the pasta according to the package instructions and then add the mayonnaise, salt and pepper. This is a simple dish that can taste good without being too full.