Common tips for healthy and beautiful hair

Beautiful hair adds to one’s personality, whereas non-groomed and un-combed hair can visibly marry it. Furthermore, healthy hair reflects one’s overall health. Below are some tips for maintaining healthy and beautiful hair:

Eat nutritious diet – Experts suggest that proper nutrition is an instrument of healthy hair growth, and conversely, many deficits correlate with hair loss. A nutritional diet should include plenty of fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, beans, whole grains, carrots, low fat dairy products and nuts in addition to fatty fish such as salmon, eggs and poultry. Red meat consumption should be kept to a minimum. A diet that includes all of these things will provide adequate amounts of vitamins, antioxidants, trace elements and amino acids that are essential for hair health.

Have adequate sleep daily – In addition to nutritious diet, having enough sleep of 7 to 8 hours daily is essential for hair health.

Avoid stress – Stress can have adverse effects on our body. Stress can lead to hair loss as well as reduce their growth rate and make them unhealthy, so use stress management techniques to reduce it.

Minimize Hair Styling Products – Using harsh chemicals in some hair styling products and treatments will only ruin their growth in the long run. So try your best to minimize their use and use herbal products instead.

Use more natural products – Aloe vera is an effective natural remedy for treating dry or damaged hair and adds shine and volume to them. It can be used in the form of gel which is readily available in the market, but be aware that most will contain additives. Then try using a brand that contains pure aloe vera.

Using a 2: 1 blend of curd and lemon juice is quite effective as a hair conditioner. In addition, it is natural and easily accessible in any home.

To add bounce to the hair, using a 1: 1 mix of warm water and apple cider vinegar on them is very effective. Rinse it thoroughly after 5 minutes to get rid of the apple cider smell.

Olive oil is great for conditioning and shine. Honey can also be combined with olive oil to make the results much better. Use them once a week or two weeks depending on the natural oiliness of the hair.

Keep your hair clean and free of oil – Hair washing should be fairly frequent, depending on the skin’s oiliness and exposure to dirt and dust. Washing them daily is not good because it can remove them from natural oils, which are important for healthy hair growth. So try to find your own balance.

Use proper shampoo and conditioner – Try using different high quality products for a specific period of time and select the product that suits you best during the elimination process. Try to find a good combination of products specifically designed for specific hair types.

Do not comb wet hair – Fighting wet hair can ruin them. Use of dryer should be kept to a minimum as it is likely to weaken them. It is best to let the hair dry naturally, especially in summer.

Treat your hair gently – Avoid being harsh when combing, drying or styling hair, as hard movements can significantly damage the locks. Similarly, using very hot water to wash hair can damage their tips. Therefore, use cold or lukewarm water instead.

Give regular hair massage – Massage improves blood circulation and stimulates blood flow to the hair. One can use coconut oil or almond oil to massage the scalp. Applying lavender oil also promotes their growth. Massage the scalp by moving it gently with your fingertips in circular motion.

Trim hair regularly – Chipping hair more often helps get faster hair growth and removes split ends. Trimming the lower part of the hair every six to eight weeks is always recommended as it ensures the damage is minimal. And this promotes the growth of healthy hair.

Avoid using styling tools – The biggest culprits behind damaged hair are warm tools and styling products as they reduce their thickness and gloss and make them look dull and dry.

Avoid tight hairstyles – Ponytails and similar hairstyles look amazing, but tight hairstyles cause pressure on the roots and can lead to hair breakage. So try different and loose hairstyles.

Bottom line –

Good and shiny hair is the crowning glory of one’s appearance. Our hectic, modern lifestyle, which includes everyday stress and pollution, adversely affects our hair health. Maintaining long and shiny hair is not a one-time task. But conversely, it requires proper and dedicated hair care. The above hair care tips are easy to follow and give us healthy and beautiful hair.