Cases range from 40k to 60k in 6 days, toll crosses 2k after 113 deaths Saturday, Health News, ET HealthWorld


NEW DELHI: The number of fresh cases remained stable at over 3,000 for the fourth day running as India’s CovidThe 19th count crossed 60,000 on Saturday, taking just six days to reach the milestone after passing the 40,000 mark on May 3 with Maharashtra continued to report daily cases in four figures.

The deaths from the pandemic peaked at 2,000 on a day when 113 deaths were recorded, the second highest number of days to date. Again, Maharashtra accounted for 42% of all deaths on Saturday, with deaths rising to 48 – the highest reported by one state in a day – 27 in Mumbai alone.

With 3,171 new cases Saturday, India is coronavirus that number stood at 62,915 late Saturday, according to reports from the states. However, without any significant increase in cases in the last three days, the growth rate of cases has begun to decline. It was 6.8% Saturday compared to 7.1% two days earlier.

Maharashtra also crossed 20,000 Covid-19 cases, almost equal to the next three states put together.

Delhi’s case numbers dropped to 224 (up from 338 on Friday) mainly due to the state government switching to another reporting cycle where data until midnight the previous day was now released instead of 4pm of the current day.

As many as 1,165 people tested positive for Covid-19 in Maharashtra on Saturday. The state has so far recorded 20,228 cases and 780 deaths. Of these, 722 new cases and 27 fresh deaths were reported from Mumbai, accounting for 64% of all cases and 63% of all deaths in the state.

Meanwhile, the Delhi government issued instructions to Covid-19 test laboratories to give results within 24 hours. TOI has reported how dependence on test results caused difficulties in tracking contact, quarantine and discharge.

Gujarat recorded 23 deaths and 394 positive cases in 24 hours, taking the number to 7,797 and the death toll to 472, the second highest in the country. Ahmedabad alone registered 280 new cases and 20 more deaths. AIIMS Director Dr. Randeep Guleria, who is visiting the state to monitor the situation, said late hospitalization of Covid-19 patients due to fears of stigma and higher prevalence of comorbid conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart and kidney disease were the key reasons behind the high number of deaths of Covid-19 in Gujarat.

In Tamil Nadu, another state hit hard by the outbreak, four women died and 526 more people tested positive, taking the state’s figure to 6,535. The death toll due to the pandemic increased to 44.

Andhra Pradesh registered 43 new cases and took the number to 1,930. The state also reported three more deaths, increasing the Covid-19 toll to 44. A Covid-19 patient had to be quarantined in the state again, as tests showed he was positive for the infection. The patient had previously completed the mandatory 14 days quarantine.

Kerala, who had not reported any new case for four consecutive days, reported two new, both emigrants flew back to the state from the UAE. They are admitted to Covid hospitals in Kochi and Kozhikode, while all their fellow passengers have been monitored. “It’s a troubling development, but we expected this and are prepared to deal with it,” the chief minister said Pinarayi Vijayan said. To date, 505 heavy cases have been reported in the state, 17 of which are pending.

After a short break, Telangana experienced a sudden increase in Covid-19 positive patients. The state recorded 31 new cases and one death. With this, Telangana’s numbers now amount to 1,163.

Bihar registered 17 new cases of Covid-19 and took the total number of coronavirus patients to 595. All 17 new cases are migrants who have recently returned from other states, authorities said. A 77-year-old cancer patient and her 37-year-old are tested positive for Covid-19 in Dhanbad, whereby Jharkhand matches 156.


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