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Indore: In an effort to keep track of asymptomatic coronavirus patients, city residents have improvised its already existing mobile app ‘Indore 311’ and added some new features to it that will also facilitate the treatment of such patients in their homes, said an official. A team of eight members Indian Medical Association (IMA) engaged in the fight against COVID-19 here, the city administration is helping to fine-tune the app and the new features have been added to its proposal.

Indore, the worst affected by COVID-19 in the country, has so far reported a total of 1,681 cases of the disease and 81 deaths, per year. Official figures.

“The app has been used by lakhs of people in Indore for quite some time now, but the new features added to it will only be available to the asymptomatic COVID-19 patients who have been urged by the health department to receive treatment, while remaining at home in isolation, “IMA team member Dr Subodh Chaturvedi told.

Such patients get a pulse oximeter that would help monitor their oxygen levels and heart rate at home, he said.

Based on a pre-loaded questionnaire on the app, the patient or his caregiver must upload information daily, just as if he has a fever over 101 degrees Fahrenheit and respiratory problems. The patient will also have to answer certain other questions based on common symptoms of COVID-19, ”Chaturvedi said.

Physicians are deputies at the IMA control room while constantly monitoring the information provided by the patient and consulting accordingly. If needed, the rapid response teams will move the patient to the hospital, he said.

A patient or his caregiver may also press the red button available on the app to seek medical attention in the event of an emergency, he said.

“If a patient does not follow medical advice and steps out 100 feet away from his house, an alarm would sound at the IMA control room and the patient would be tracked through GPS and sent back home,” the official said.

Indore’s top medical and health officer Praveen Jadia said, according to the government’s new guidelines, the asymptomatic COVID-19 patients are advised to remain in home isolation.

A caregiver is also deputing for such a patient to get medication for them. The caregiver also regularly monitors a patient’s health and informs the health department of his condition. Based on the information, authorities would decide whether to admit the patient, he said.


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