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Bhopal: The first case of major life-saving emergency surgery on a COVID-19-positive patient in the region was performed at 1 p.m. AIIMS, Bhopal on Friday late night.

“A landmark in the holistic clinical care of COVID-19 patients have been obtained by AIIMS, Bhopal. We are pleased to report that the first case of major life-saving emergency surgery on a COVID-positive patient in the region was performed at AIIMS, Bhopal late last night, ”read a statement from AIIMS, Bhopal on Saturday.

“The patient, a woman aged 61 with diabetes and hypertension, was admitted to COVID ICU in AIIMS, Bhopal on April 28 with fever and COVID pneumonia. She also had abdominal pain as a CT scan was performed and she was diagnosed to have superior mesenteric artery thrombosis (coagulation of blood in larger blood vessel or an artery that supplies blood to the gut and other vital organs), ”the statement states.

It further read that the condition did not improve with medication and that the patient was taken to major emergency surgery late last night.

“The team used the recommended protective equipment and followed all recommended safety precautions. The case was very challenging in many accounts, namely COVID-19 pneumonia, aged over 60, co-morbidities such as diabetes and hypertension, the life-threatening bowel injury and intestinal perforation found during surgery, ”it further states in the statement.

“As a life-saving procedure, part of the bowel was resumed and ileostomy was performed successfully. At this time, the patient was on a ventilator in the COVID ICU under the care of critical care team,” it added.

The operation was successfully performed by the surgical team consisting of dr. Ajit (lecturer), dr. Akash Chari (senior resident) and dr. Agosh (junior resident), the anesthesia team consisting of dr. SunainaTejpal, dr. Shashi, dr. Rajesh and dr. Shrinivas, assisted by OT nursing staff SNO Ramesh, Nurse Sumit and Saajan and anesthesia technician Shashikant.

“Professor Sarman Singh, Director, AIIMS, Bhopal congratulated the entire team on completing this extremely challenging clinical situation and performing the surgery. It is exemplary that while nursing a Covid-19 patient with pneumonia, a holistic evaluation was done , so life-threatening condition was diagnosed and treated in a timely manner, ”the statement added.


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