A nutritionist reveals 3 foods that boost your immune system

Andy Bellatti is a registered nutritionist based in Las Vegas. He reveals 3 foods that give you nutrients that boost your immune system. The following is a transcript of the video.

The three foods that help boost your immune system the most are strawberries, chickpeas and almonds. Strawberries are good for your immune system because they are a great source of vitamin C.

I recommend buying organic varieties, because otherwise, since you eat the strawberry as a whole with no skin to peel, you are exposed to more pesticides in a conventional variety. Almonds are good for your immune system because they are a good source of vitamin E. It is essential for a lot of enzymes that are part of the immune system.

A cup of chickpeas gives you 25% of your zinc value of the day, which is an important nutrient to keep your immune system running properly. My advice if you really want to boost your immune system is to actually eat whole chickpeas. And one thing you can do if you don’t really get into the mushy chickpeas in the salad form, one big thing you can do is actually fry them in the oven for about 30 minutes and you get a crunchy snack.


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