A healthy late night snack


Studies have shown that the later you eat, the more weight you tend to gain. Most foods that are consumed after nine in the evening undergo a much longer digestion process and may just be stored away in your fat cells as your body is already in a state of relaxation and ready for bed.

There are people who like to snack between the night, and weight gain is a problem they often have to face. The fact is that snacking in the evening is not a particularly healthy habit. Eating and going straight to bed or going back to bed does not give your body much time for digestion. Calories from food must always be processed or consumed in some way. Unless you’ve run a marathon that day, chances are your late night snack will find itself in your thighs, abdomen and other problem areas.

However, there are some healthy low calorie alternatives for your late night snacking. It’s the same as making a healthier choice over a snack of the day, and it can even give you a chance to eat and fill up on some food items you missed that day. When snacking at night, stay away from the cereal and protein group unless you are hungry. These two groups take longer to break down and metabolize, so there is a greater chance that it will turn into fat or unused energy. Also, don’t go for cookies, cake, chocolate or cookies. These sugary foods pack on many calories and probably keep you awake with their sugar content and shed your sleep schedule.

Go to groups of vegetables, fruits and dairy. Eat some cheese, veggie sticks, fresh fruit or yogurt. Try to think about everything you’ve eaten that day and look for what you’re missing in teas of recommended portions. If you are missing something, stick to fruit as this is always a good safe and healthy choice.

You can also try going for a smoothie or shaking. Tomato juice, banana smoothies, mango shakes and other fruit cooked can be good snacks that are easy to digest and healthy. Nuts are also a good snack and are probably the exception of the protein group. Just make sure they are unsalted and fat less. You probably don’t need the extra salt or fat in your body as of late.

Before eating anything at night, take a glass of water and then wait a few minutes. Sometimes our bodies just get confused and send out food signals when we’re really just thirsty. Make sure your thirst is quenched before heading out to make a snack yourself. If you’ve had a good dinner, you’re probably not hungry at all. Then gulp down a glass of water and see how you feel. If you are still hungry, drag around your fridge to get the healthy low calorie settings.