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When you think of cocktails, your first thought is probably not your immune system. But doing something good for your body might as well be a welcome byproduct of your happy hour or backyard party. The trick to turning your tipple into a wellness elixir is to use simple, natural mixers, such as fresh fruits and herbs, and go easy on the sugar. These ingredients have natural sweetness and a burst of flavor, but also pack some serious immune boosting properties.

Think of immune-boosting drinks that you usually turn to when you’re feeling under your breath, like lemonade and ginger, and you’ll notice that they have a lot of ingredients in common with the most delicious alcoholic drinks. So no, you don’t have to dust your edge with Emergen-C to get vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from your cocktails – just harness the power of nature’s bounty with these simple immune-boosting cocktails.

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When it comes to mixed drinks, the fewer ingredients you use to taste your spirit, the closer you are to a wellness elixir. Not to mention, your waistline will benefit from the natural approach without added sugar. This paloma recipe is stripped down to the basics and uses only freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and lime juice for flavor and sweetness. “Grapefruit is an excellent food to choose to boost your immune system. It is high in vitamin C (half a grapefruit has 68 percent of your recommended daily intake), which has antioxidant properties and can boost your cells in fighting bacteria and viruses,” notes Jessi Holden, MS, RDN, CSOWM. During Drag!

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strawberry margartia
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Yes, you can easily imagine mixed strawberries in a fresh fruity cocktail. Not only do they make an excellent mixer, but they will also add significant amounts of vitamin C to your drink. And it is a particularly good choice during seasonal viral infections. “There is evidence-based science to suggest that boosting vitamin C can help support the recovery from viral infections,” said Jennifer Tyler Lee, a nutritionist and co-author of Half the sugar, all the love. To that end, make sure you choose a drink that was made with the actual fruit and not a strawberry concentrate filled with sugar. A simple way to turn fresh strawberries into a healthy mixer is to mix them with some lime juice and honey, which is why we highly recommend this margarita recipe.

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cucumber vodka soda
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The benefits of cucumber juice for general health and wellness are well documented. It is recognized for its 95 percent water content and contains a ton of electrolytes, making it very moisturizing and the perfect post-workout recovery drink. And lucky for you, it’s also a beautifully refreshing addition to any healthy cocktail. We especially love the idea of ​​keeping things simple, like in this Cucumber Vodka Soda recipe, which is a true fridge-cleaned cocktail. If you want to make things even healthier, skip the simple syrup.

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orange whiskey ginger
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Because of its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, ginger is a key ingredient to overall health. It has been shown to aid digestion, help protect against cancer, increase metabolism and even improve circulation. Who will not reap the benefits of this miracle root? Furthermore, its wonderful, spicy flavor can go a long way in adding some zing to your drinks. This whiskey cocktail is a lesson in simplicity and using ginger to quickly add flavor.

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matcha mojito
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Matcha is a pure green tea powder, derived from tea leaves that have the highest amount of chlorophyll. It is known as a powerful antioxidant that can help cardiovascular health by lowering the “bad” cholesterol and increasing the “good”. While you know it better as an ingredient in your lattes, it’s also an excellent hack for an immune-boosting cocktail in a pinch. A gin gin turns a simple matcha mocktail into a delicious, refreshing cocktail perfect for hot weather brunches.

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immune boosting cocktails pineapple basil rum fizz
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Pineapple is very moisturizing and full of vitamin C. We recommend using the fresh version of the fruit in cocktails because you reap the health benefits without the large amounts of sugar usually packed in pineapple concentrates and juices. This recipe uses a whole fresh pineapple to make six servings, which is perfect if you’re making a batch cocktail for a party. Prepare the mixer and stir it with a shot of rum for individual cocktails. Then turn around as the hostess with the most you are.

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immune boosting cocktails aperol spritz
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Aperitifs are herb bits that are usually consumed before food to get an appetite. Compared to digestives consumed for better digestion after a meal, aperitifs have less sugar and more pronounced herbal tones. All in all, they provide perfect, low-ABV drinks that are more refreshing than alcoholic and can make your digestive juices flow. Although aperitifs and digestives are found in many cocktails, one of the simple examples of how to use them is an Aperol Spritz. A spritz may be all that follows the formula for bitter liqueur + sparkling wine + fizzy water, but we just love the color and taste of this tried and true classic.

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immune boosting cocktails hot toddy
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A hot toddy needs no introduction. It is a beloved drink of whiskey, honey and lemon juice, which is usually consumed during colder months. You will find all the three main ingredients listed home remedies for cold symptoms, but there is actually science behind it as well. First, lemon juice is full of vitamin C, honey has antibacterial properties, and cinnamon is anti-inflammatory. One 2008 study from Cardiff University has shown that drinking a hot fruit drink has the ability to relieve a sore throat, cooling and fatigue associated with the cold. A hot Toddy year-round habit may not be the worst idea you’ve ever had, but you can reap its health benefits in a chilled cocktail using the same ingredients.

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Copycat Carrabba's Blackberry Sangria in two glasses with a jug
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They say red wine is the healthiest alcoholic drink out there. Its health benefits have been the focus of much research and are well documented: taking it in moderation can improve cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol levels, and help prevent type 2 diabetes if you get your hands on a good quality red bottle. , or you are looking for a nice pairing of cheese or steak, you will drink it undiluted. But when you need a little finesse, especially in the summer when so much delicious fruit is in season, making your red wine a refreshing sangria is a special treat. We love this Blackberry Sangria recipe inspired by Carraba’s sangria, but you can also skip the brandy and extra sugar if you’re looking for a really healthy sipper.

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