7 Natural Foods to Boost Your Child’s Immunity | Build immune system for winter

Does your child get sick often? It may be the signals from the immune system.

After the beginning of winter, there is a cold and cough.

It is important to feed specific food for the season, which can build immunity to a weak system.

Although in the video we have listed seven main foods that build immunity, you can read more about foods in this article:

11 Best Foods To Boost Kid’s Immunity


Helps prevent cold from grasping the very first. Also helps to reduce chronic pain and controls cholesterol.

Ginger helps the baby’s immune system
Ginger to boost the baby’s immunity


As mentioned in the video, garlic does much more than just look up the taste of the food. Because of its ability to fight bacteria, viruses and fungi, it helps to beat skin infections.


A great source of vitamin D. It helps regulate the baby’s immune system and is known to increase the body’s natural defenses against diseases.


Well known for giving curries their rich yellow color, this spice is rich in circumin, which helps the baby fight colds and flu.

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