7 best tips for healthy cooking of clay pots


Cooking pottery is the oldest and time-tested method of healthy cooking. While people struggle to combat the ill effects of modern ways of cooking, with this safe and simple way of cooking, no one ever had any complaints. This is probably why people are slowly returning to their roots by switching to clay cookware.

There is a new challenge of cooking in clay pot today, it is rare for people to make it with the health value in mind, so unfortunately the clay pots on the market are chemically loaded and coated with toxic enamels and glazes (like ceramics ). The more beautiful and colorful they look on the outside, the more toxins they can leach out during cooking. The cheapest is, it is possible that additives are used to make them faster and smoother. It is important that you choose a really healthy pot, and here are 7 tips for choosing and using the best clay pots:

1. Always select Primary Clay

Primary clay is the purest form of clay – it has absolutely no toxins. Only primary clay is naturally inert, so does not react to food such as metals and ceramics. There are many clay jars available in the market that are made from secondary or tertiary clay, but they do have contaminants that can be leached into your food while you cook.

2. No chemicals, glazes or enamels

Most manufacturers start using chemicals to make the process easier. In fact, any mechanized process needs the raw material to be treated with chemicals. The glazes and enamel can make your clay pots and pans colorful, attractive and even sturdy, but they contaminate food. So always choose a cookware made from unglazed primary clay (or pure clay).

3. Spice is important

Seasoning your clean clay pot as described in the instructions is very important for cooking delicious food every time, and it also increases the life of your pot. Of course, pure clay is non-stick, so after proper seasoning, if done right, the food should never stick to the bottom.

4. Choose ingredients carefully

You’ve finally picked the healthiest clay pot – great, but it will all be in vain if you don’t use the right ingredients. Make sure you choose natural organic ingredients that are unprocessed and nutritious for healthy cooking of clay pots. A balanced diet is all you and your family need for a healthy body, so always pay attention to the nutritional value of your ingredients.

5. Cook at medium to low heat

Clean clay pots are large heat containers, and the near infrared heat radiating from their walls cooks food evenly with gentle heat. It keeps nutrients intact, and food cooks almost at the same time on low-medium heat, as it does on high heat in metal / ceramic cookware.

Cooking at low-medium heat not only prevents food from burning and sticking to the bottom, it also improves the shelf life of your clean clay pot.

6. Choose a pot that controls Steam well

Steam management is an important aspect of healthy cooking. In conventional cookware, the vapor pressure inside the pan gets too much while cooking with hard near infrared heat from metals / ceramics. So their lids have openings that release excessive steam to protect the pot from exploding.

Not many people realize that steam is water-soluble nutrients. Since the body cannot store them as fat-soluble nutrients, they are needed every day. If the steam is released freely during cooking, the foods become nutritionally deficient.

An ergonomically designed clean clay jar and lid ensures that as the steam rises from food, it condenses on the inside of the lid (the lid is cooler than the pot) and settles back into the food before cooking is complete. In this way, the water-soluble nutrients are preserved and your body is regularly fed with them.

7. Clean with water – No soap

No matter what the label says, all soaps are toxic. When using a 100% non-toxic cookware, it is important that you keep it away from anything toxic or chemically stressed. Pure clay pots are naturally porous, so food does not stick to the surface. You can always clean them with bare hands in normal water. Although you can scrub it a bit if burnt food sticks are tied at the bottom.

By following these simple yet useful tips you can do wonders healthy clay pots cooking. This will not only keep your body nourished with essential nutrients, but will also protect you from common infections and diseases by strengthening your immunity.