5 high fat foods that are actually super healthy


Studies now show that fat, including saturated fat, is not the devil it was made to be. In this video we look at 5 fatty foods that are actually incredibly healthy and nutritious.

1. Nuts

Nuts are not only rich in healthy fats, but also high in fiber and a good plant-based protein source.

In this case, nuts refer to tree nuts, such as almonds, cashews, walnuts and more. Unlike peanuts, there are actually legumes that grow in the soil, although they are also really healthy.

Nuts are generally also high in vitamin E as well as magnesium, a mineral that is reportedly the second most common deficiency in the developed world after vitamin D.

Studies show that those who eat nuts tend to be healthier and have a lower risk of various diseases. This includes heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

And despite having many calories, those who eat them the most seem to be the leanest and with a lower risk of obesity in the long run.

2. Extra virgin olive oil

This is a high-fat (or pure fat) food that almost everyone agrees is healthy.

It is an important component of the Mediterranean diet, which has been shown to have numerous health benefits in large studies.

EVOO contains good amounts of E and K vitamins and is packed with antioxidants that fight inflammation and help protect LDL particles in the blood from being oxidized.

It has also been shown to lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol markers and have several other benefits related to heart disease risk.

3. Avocado

The avocado is different from most other fruits in that, instead of primarily containing carbohydrates, avocados are full of fat.

Avocados are about 77% fat, by calories, making them even higher in fat than most animal foods.

The most important fatty acid is a monounsaturated fat called oleic acid, which is also the predominant in olive oil. It is associated with various health benefits.

They are also among the best sources of potassium in the diet and a great source of fiber.

And although they contain a lot of fat and calories, one study found that people who eat avocado tend to weigh less and have less belly fat than those who do not.

4. Whole eggs

Whole eggs used to be considered unhealthy because the yolks contain a lot of cholesterol and fat.

However, new studies have shown that cholesterol in eggs does not affect blood cholesterol, at least not in the majority of people.

What we have left is a fat-rich food full of vitamins and minerals. In fact, eggs contain just about every nutrient we need, most of which is in the egg yolk.

They even contain powerful antioxidants that protect the eyes, and plenty of choline, a brain nutrient that 90% of people don’t get enough of.

Eggs can also be considered a weight-loss food because of their protein content.

Studies have shown that people who replace a cereal-based breakfast with eggs end up eating fewer calories and losing weight.

5. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is one of those rare health foods that actually tastes incredible.

But it is very high in fat that accounts for about 65% of calories.

The reason it is so healthy is because dark chocolate is 11% fiber and contains over 50% of RDA for iron, magnesium, copper and manganese.

It is also packed with antioxidants, so much so that it is one of the best-scored foods tested, even ranking blueberries in a study.

There are studies linking dark chocolate consumption to a wide range of health benefits, but the most notable is heart health.

Studies show that those who eat dark chocolate 5 or more times a week are less than half likely to die from heart disease compared to people who do not eat dark chocolate.

These healthy high fat foods are really just the tip of the iceberg.
There are many others like cheese, fatty fish and full fat yogurt that can really contribute to a healthy diet.

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