13 delicious banana recipes to try at home


Banana recipes to try at home.

banana Recipes – When it comes to cooking with fruit, most of us can’t help but think of salads and desserts like puddings and pies. Some might say that a fruit is best eaten raw or may be included in shakes and smoothies. You will be surprised to know that fruits like bananas are widely used in savory dishes such as banana chips, banana samosa and banana pakora. When we talk about bananas, very few know that the fruit actually belongs to the berry family!

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Rich, creamy with a subtle hint of sweetness, bananas can be used in their entirety. From fruit to leaves and flowers – the culinary options are endless. In India, bananas are used in a variety of preparations such as banana chips, raw banana curry, pachadis, kebab and pakoda.

Wrapped in yellow jackets, bananas are not only a treat for your taste buds, but they also offer a whole host of health benefits. High fiber bananas are good for digestion and help in the growth of good gut bacteria. Keep a few of them stored in your bag to curb the untiring hunger attacks in the middle of meals. Bananas are also a good source of B vitamins, magnesium and antioxidants. We know that bananas are rich in vitamin C, but do you know that they act as a great stress-relieving nutrient? Bananas help repair the cell damage caused by stress.


Do you have a hangover? Go bananas!

Alcohol’s diuretic effect depletes our potassium levels. Bananas are a rich source of potassium and help restore regular levels. It replaces the lost electrolytes and increases the energy level. In fact, they also help lower high blood pressure, prevent stroke, and promote overall heart health.

How to buy, store and cook

You can choose to buy the green, immature. Unripe bananas ripen on their own and last for over a week. Mature is yellow in color with black spots and solid body. When buying, look for them with undamaged skin. Bananas are best stored at room temperature away from sunlight. Avoid refrigeration and keep them away from other fruits. Any contact with fruits like apples speeds up the ripening process. A limp and foggy fruit is evidence of maturity.

Bananas can be fried, mashed, curry or added in shakes, smoothies, desserts and salads. If you need inspiration, head to our 13 Best Banana Recipes.

1. Banana Fritters

Popularly known as Pazhampori, this is a traditional, beloved Malaysian evening snack. Chunky banana pieces are coated in the dough and deep fried until crispy, golden brown.

10-best-banana-recipes-2Banana Recipes – Banana fritters are thick banana pieces, coated in thick dough and deep fried until crispy.

2. Cook Kele Ke Pack Pakore

Raw bananas are cut, dough is coated and fried away. Best served with fresh coriander chutney.


Banana Recipes – Raw bananas cut into pieces, dough coated and fried to perfection.

Third Banana cake with cream cheese frosting

Bananas come with walnuts to give you a spellbinding dessert. Coated with creamy cheese frosting, this cake is perfect to get any party going!

10-best-banana-recipes-3Banana Recipes – A nutritious banana cake with delicious cream frosting to saturate all sugar cravings!

4. Taley Kele Ka Korma

Trench the traditional with this traditional korma recipe with a twist. Potatoes, spinach herbs and spices are combined with apples and fried bananas to give a delicious twist to the classic recipe.

tale kele ka kormaBanana Recipes – A delicious blend of fried banana with spices and herbs along with potatoes and apples!

5. Banana oat bread

Here is an easy to make bread recipe with the addition of bananas. Oatmeal and whole grain flour are combined to bake this healthy and delicious bread.

10-best-banana-recipes-4Banana Recipes – Goodness of whole grain flour and oatmeal together in this banana oatmeal!

6. Meen Vazhakkai Chops

Banana strips and fish pieces are coated in corn and rice flour, deep fried and wrapped in a mouth-watering mixture of masalas.

7. Raw Banana Kebab

The art of using raw bananas is perfectly defined in this banana recipe to arrive at some lip-tasting evening snacks. All you need are some raw bananas, a handful of ingredients and forty minutes.


Banana Recipes – A quick and easy banana-kenan recipe with goodness of spices and figs!

8. Raw Banana and Coconut Kachori

This is not your ordinary kachoris. Mashed bananas are mixed with rice flour and spices, filled with a mixture of coconut, sesame seeds, raisins and other masalas. Deep-fried and served hot!

kache kele ki kachoriBanana Recipes – A tasty combination of banana and coconut, packed with spices

9th banana pancakes

The crucial morning opportunity for many across the globe. These mushy pancakes are easy to make with a hint of vanilla flavor.

10-best-banana-recipes-613 Banana Recipes – Your favorite breakfast filled with the heavenly vanilla flavor and goodness of bananas!

10th Banana Flocourt in Malvani Masala

A local South Indian spice along with a solid blend of peas, bananas and aromatic coconut.

11. Baked Raw Banana Samosa

Samosa made from raw banana combined with chilli and spices and baked until golden brown. Your tea-time treat couldn’t get any better and healthier!

raw banana samosa

13 Delicious Banana Recipes – A unique and delicious samosa recipe packed with banana.

12. Banana and Chia tea cake

A delicious and moist cake made with the goodness of banana and chia seeds. It pairs perfectly with a strong cup of tea or coffee. You just can’t miss this one!

to cake

13 delicious banana recipes – a perfect banana cake recipe for your ht cup of tea.

13th banana Chips

To save the best for last! Banana chips have been everyone’s favorite since eternity now, and they don’t seem to go anywhere. The prominent South Indian flavor is a must try!

banana chips13 delicious banana recipes- These banana chips fried in coconut oil, perfect for snacking while watching the rain.


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