12 light Taco recipes for the evening of the week


When Tuesday rolls around, we all know it’s time to break out the margaritas and make some tacos! Taco is one of the easiest meals to make, especially for an audience. These taco recipes will make you celebrate Taco Tuesday with your family in no time (and of course, you can celebrate any night of the week with these easy dinner ideas – why limit yourself to just one night, am I right?).

Be sure to prepare a jar of homemade taco seasoning before you start. When you have taco seasoning ready to go, you can essentially make any version your heart desires, whether you want a beef, chicken, pork, steak, fish or vegetarian taco!

Choose from the 12 taco recipes here, and come cook!

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If you want to feed an amount (with minimal effort), this slow cooker pork carnitas recipe is absolutely perfect. The secret ingredient? Freshly squeezed oranges! The orange juice adds a tanginess to the pork that you cannot resist.

Get our recipe for Slow-Cooker pork Carnitas tacos.

Close up of shrimp tacos
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Blending roasted, marinated prawns with some pickled onions will remind you of the sweet taste of a bowl of ceviche. This shrimp taco recipe also requires a cream, which is cream fraiche mixed with any other additive. In this case, it’s lime juice and Sriracha.

Get our recipe for Shrimp Taco with pickled onions.

breakfast tacos recipe for a plate
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Breakfast for dinner? Count us on! This egg and bacon breakfast taco recipe is a classic staple – both for breakfast and dinner.

Get our recipe for eggs and bacon breakfast tacos.

sweet potato and chorizo ​​taco recipe
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If you are looking for something sweet and spicy, this sweet potato and spicy chorizo ​​taco is the perfect one for you! You can even turn this into a vegetarian taco by using soy chorizo ​​instead.

Get our recipe for Sweet Potato and Spicy Chorizo ​​Taco.

Chicken red pepper taco recipe on a plate
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Spruce up your usual chicken taco with some creative toppings! This chicken taco recipe features corn salsa and toasted red peppers, which are much easier to make than you think.

Get our recipe for chicken tacos with toasted red pepper.

beef taco recipe
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You can’t go wrong with a classic Taco Taco Tuesday! Instead of buying soft tortillas, take a box of hard shell tortillas and all your favorite go-to taco toppings.

Get our beef recipe.

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Three tacos on a plate
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Are you craving some tacos but don’t feel like a deep-fried fish fillet? Make some fish tacos at home by roasting tilapia in the oven instead! Top with some pico de gallo and sliced ​​avocado, and this is definitely one of your favorite taco recipes of all time.

Get our recipe for fishmonger with Tilapia and avocado.

Steak taco with pico de gallo on a green plate.
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Are you always bored with making your usual tacos? Change things up by grabbing a flank steak instead of ground beef and making this steak taco! The steak cooks much faster than ground beef, so if you are close to time and looking for something that is quick to make, this would be the fastest to make out of all these taco recipes.

Get our recipe for Steak Tacos.

Chicken tacos with alssalsa verde
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Did you have any leftover rotisserie chicken from dinner the other night? Use the leftovers and toss some tacos together! You can even make this into enchiladas or burritos, all with delicious salsa verde.

Get our recipe for Rotisserie Chicken Tacos with Salsa Verde.

Breakfast tacos with bacon and spinach
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A twist to the classic bacon and egg taco, this breakfast taco is packed with some extra veggies! Adding spinach and mushroom gives your taco an even greater amount and soaks in some extra nutrients – either for breakfast or dinner.

Get our recipe for breakfast tacos with bacon and spinach.

Paleo serves tuna taco
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Not a fan of tilapia or shrimp? Make some fish tacos with seared tuna instead! Not only does the combination of silky rare tuna and creamy avocado fit a boatload of healthy fat into the palm of your hand, but the flavors are hard to beat, especially when crowned with a spicy slaw and seaweed of a few pickled onions.

Download our recipe for spicy tuna and avocado-fish tacos.

Jason Donnelly

Attention, vegetarians! This taco is perfect for you. Mix some black beans and sweet potatoes together for a delicious vegetarian taco alternative to Taco Tuesday. Topped with sweet peppers, onions and queso frescoes, this taco is definitely your new favorite go-to.

Get our recipe for Black Bean and Sweet Potato Tacos.

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