11 Best Recipes From Uttar Pradesh | Popular Uttar Pradesh recipes


The cuisine of Uttar Pradesh is as diverse as its geography. From various classics like sabziyon ki tehari to a princely lakhnavi spread every day, this different state resides in the most exotic recipes. Delicious delicacies such as chaat, samosa and pakora, the most popular street food cards in all of India, are native to this state. State cuisine from Uttar Pradesh has incorporated and adapted a variety of dishes to create a whole smorgasbord of authentic recipes.

The state is famous for its royal delicious Nawabi food. Cooking techniques in Uttar Pradesh were heavily influenced by the Mughals. The cuisine of northern Uttar Pradesh is very different from the classic Mughlai food in Delhi. Nawabs from Oudh were great gourmets and encouraged their master chefs to create new culinary styles. The famous recipes of Lucknow are ‘tunda kebabs’ and ‘kakori kebabs’ flavored with rich spices and seeds.

The main genre of Uttar Pradesh cuisine is Awadhi and the cooking patterns of the state are similar to those in the rest of Northern India. Awadhi cuisine in Uttar Pradesh bears similarities to those in Kashmir and Punjab.

Let your taste buds travel through Uttar Pradesh with these recipes. Presenting our most beloved recipes from this land of legendary food:

1. Bharwan Chicken Pasanda

A true blue royal delicacy – hearty and healthy. Chicken breast stuffed with a rich khoya cheese mix and drizzled with a sweet coconut cashew sauce. It’s wealth lies in the variety of ingredients and spices, including cinnamon, ginger and cardamom.

2. Mutton Kofta

This one is a winner at the dinner table. It can be served dried as kebab or with a thick sauce that fits well with Basmati rice.

mutton kofta

This delicious Mutton Kofta recipe tastes best when paired with cooked rice

Third Arhar Ki Dal

Nothing spells comfort like something steamy arhar dal dripped on a plate of rice. A simple classic daily recipe. Even a beginner chef can master it. Every household in the state is sure to have its own version.

4th Kakori Kebab

A famous Nawabi recipe from Lucknow went through generations. It derives its name from the town of Kakori on the outskirts of Lucknow. It is made with the finest meat of the lamb and a few spices.

kakori kebab

Pair these melt-in-your-mouth Kakori Kebabs with green chutney

5. Bhindi ka Salan

This recipe is native to the Mughlai cuisine. The recipe adjusts the authentic ‘Mirch ka Salan’ and uses lady fingers instead. Crispy fried bhindi dipped in a zingy yogurt-based sauce with a melange of spices.

bhindi ka salan

This Bhindi Ka Salan recipe is prepared in a yogurt sauce

6. Aloo Rasedaar

A fast and easy indulgent fare. Be it festive occasions or one of those windy afternoons, aloo-puri is a favorite food of all time.

aloo racedaar

Aloo Rasedaar tastes best with crispy puris and naans

7. Bedmi

An Indian flatbread known to originate in Uttar Pradesh. Paired with potato curry or chana (chole) it provides a happy combination. Crisp and fluffy, the puris is made with whole wheat flour and uncrowded valley.

8. Allahabad ki Tehri

A simple and quick meal with a pot for the deaf days. With good basmati rice and a mix of vegetables, these recipes create a satisfying meal.

aloo racedaar

Tehri is prepared with a blend of healthy vegetables

9. Baingan ki Lonje

This is a Benaras specialty. Brinjals stuffed with an onion and spice mix and low fried.

10. Keema Dum

Rustic, char-grilled flavors dominate this recipe. Minced meat marinated and cooked with a variety of spices in mustard oil. Stupid is a style of slow cooking.

keema stupid

This Keema Dum recipe is slowly cooked to perfection

11th Galouti Kebab

These non-road kebabs were invented in the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. These aromatic and flavorful kebabs are extremely soft and cooked with a blend of Indian spices. The Galouti kebabs taste best when paired with green chutney.


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