10 Healthy Desktop Snacks for School or Work | Joanna Soh | Under 200Cals!

♥ Do you find yourself crumbling mindlessly on your desk? Make these healthy desktop snacks and bring them to school or work!
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List of SNACKS
1) Stuffed red dates with walnut
– Red dates (23Cals each)
– Walnuts, halved (13Cals each)
Pr. Serving – 36Cals

2) 3-ingredient oatmeal
Makes 24 balls in size:
– 1 cup (90 g) Rolled Oats – 340Cals
– ½ cup (125 g) of peanut butter – 778Cals
– ¼ cup (82 g) maple syrup / honey – 270Cals
Pr. Serving – 60Cals

3) Veggie Veggie Rolls
– Nori Sheets – 5Cals per Sheet
– Cucumber, sliced
– Carrot, sliced
– Red pepper, sliced

4) Veggie Sticks with Dip
Alternatively, dip the chopped vegetables in the homemade yogurt dip.
– 1 cup (250 g) Greek yogurt – 165Cals
– 1 minced garlic clove – 4Cals
– 1 tbsp. of freshly squeezed lemon juice – 4Cals
– A handful of minced fresh mint – 4Cals
– A little lemon peel

Each tablespoon has only 10cals VS 94Cals per Tbsp. of mayo or 73Cals per tbsp. of farm dressing!

5) Split pea fish
Makes 4 servings:
– ½ cup Raw divided peas – 335Cals
– 1 tbsp. Olive Oil – 120Cals
– A knife from Chili Flakes
Pr. Serving – 114Cals

6) Plum stuffed cherry tomato
– Cherry Tomato – 3Cals each
– Plum – 23Cals each
Pr. Serving – 26Cals

7) Yogurt & fruit
Makes 2 pots
– ¼ cup Greek yogurt yogurt – 41Cals
– 1 Kiwi, Slices – 42Cals
– ½ Dragon Fruit, Slices – 40Cals
– ¼ cup grapes – 28Cals
Pr. Pot – 75.5Cals

* You can choose your own favorite fruits!

8) Trail Mix
Choose your favorite combination of nuts, seeds and dried fruit.
Each serving 1/4 cup has about 140 – 170 calories.

9) “Fancy” rice cakes
At only 29 calories per day. Rice cake they are a very satisfying snack quality and you can fill them with anything you want!

10) Hard boiled egg
Ca. 80 calories each

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